For Referring Attorneys

The Allyn Smith Law Group, P.C. has worked diligently on behalf of our clients and in a courteous manner with fellow attorneys. As a result, we have been honored by referrals from both clients and attorneys alike. We are known for the dedication, commitment and personalized attention provided to our clients. We serve the greater Metropolitan Detroit area.

Our firm welcomes the referral of:

  • matters outside your area of expertise
  • matters where there is a personal or legal conflict of interest
  • matters in the Detroit metropolitan area that are either too inconvenient for your firm to handle, are distance prohibitive and/or where no one in your firm is admitted to practice in Michigan

In every case, we will protect your relationship with your client and provide you with information about the case and its progress. We are committed to engaging in and honoring fee sharing arrangements with you that are consistent with the Michigan Rules of Professional Conduct. Please contact us to discuss any matters that you may wish to refer or in which you need local counsel.