Practice Areas

At Allyn Smith Law Group, PCour attorneys work with you to make sure your involvement in the legal process leaves you feeling more empowered and in control. We understand that facing a legal issue can leave one feeling overwhelmed. We firmly believe that your attorney should work to aid you, and we believe that in guiding and teaching our clients, we are equipping them with the tools that will help them better deal with the stress of their legal situation.

Ms. Allyn and Ms. Smith believe in a whole-client approach to working with our clients. While many of our clients come to us for different reasons, we often help them by working on other issues. We understand that a legal issue does not exist in a vacuum. More often than not, one concern will touch on and affect other aspects of your life. For example, when we represent a divorce client, other areas of the client's life are likely to be affected. A divorce often includes child custody and support issues, but it may also raise tributary concerns which are outside the scope of family law. A divorce will likely affect a client's estate planning and real estate circumstances. Because we believe in a whole-client approach, we are available to work with clients in these tributary areas.

Our practice areas include:

Family Law – We work with clients to make decisions with a focus on a positive outcome. Whether a client comes to our firm for a prenuptial agreement or because they are contemplating divorce, our attorneys are skilled at working with our clients in order to fashion a workable solution. We believe in working collaboratively, and that includes acting zealously on behalf of our clients. We keep our clients' best interests at the fore when we proceed on their behalf. Both Eden J. Allyn and Kristin M. Smith are certified in collaborative practice in order to best serve their clients' needs. Both attorneys are also domestic mediators and members of the Family Law Section of the State Bar of Michigan. Ms. Allyn has obtained a Certificate of Completion in the area of Family Law issued by the Institute of Continuing Legal Education.

Estate Planning – We understand that everyone needs to be prepared for the future. We help clients use estate planning as a tool to empower themselves and ease the decision-making burden on loved ones. Creating an estate plan is not solely for the wealthy; it is an excellent means of communicating your needs and ascertaining your goals.

Real Estate Law – Our attorneys help both home buyers and sellers navigate the real estate process with the goal of facilitating the best deal possible. We also represent clients facing legal issues related to rental and investment properties. We also represent creditors, primarily small lenders and private investors, who are working through the home foreclosure process. Our firm handles all aspects of the process, from working with debtors to fulfill their obligations to providing solid guidance on how to best utilize properties that have gone through foreclosure.

Contact our attorneys today to discuss your legal issue. We will work with you to make sure that your concerns are addressed.