Family Law

Family law encompasses various areas, some of which are positive, such as adoption, but many of which engender anxiety and frustration, such as divorce and custody issues. Our clients often find themselves suffering from undue aggravation and exasperation as they try and work through their problems. At Allyn Smith Law Group, PC, we are available to work with you to create solutions that take into account your specific needs.


If you are contemplating a divorce, you will need to make important assessments and evaluations during a very stressful time. Your choices will have both short-term and long-term effects. If children are involved, these decisions will affect them as… Read More

Guided Self-Representation

The economic downturn has affected every aspect of people’s lives. People who would normally leave an unhappy marriage by working with an experienced, knowledgeable attorney handling the situation for them find themselves looking to non-traditi… Read More


As time passes, there may be family law matters that need to be addressed in post-judgment motions and hearings. Child support, custody issues and spousal support orders may need to be modified after a divorce has been finalized due to changes in cir… Read More

Marriage Planning - Prenuptial Agreements

Creating a solid pre-nuptial agreement does not mean that you do not trust your spouse-to-be, nor that you expect the marriage to end in divorce. It simply means that you want to plan for the future and are interested in exploring all contingencies.… Read More