Marriage Planning - Prenuptial Agreements

Creating a solid pre-nuptial agreement does not mean that you do not trust your spouse-to-be, nor that you expect the marriage to end in divorce. It simply means that you want to plan for the future and are interested in exploring all contingencies. It also means that the parties will enter their marriage with the most honest disclosure possible. This type of forthright disclosure can help further set the tone for union based upon trust and complete knowledge and understanding.

Prenuptial agreements are an excellent method for making sure your wishes about your assets are known. Creating a thoughtful prenuptial agreement is a prudent method to protect yourself from potential problems with regard to your estate. For example, it can encourage peace and fairness in the very common situation of a blended family. Prenuptial agreements can set out your plans for the protection of your financial assets and are also a means of providing for the protection of your heirs.

At Allyn Smith Law Group, PC, we work with many types of clients who benefit from prenuptial agreements. We work with our clients to make sure their specific concerns and needs are addressed. We listen to what our clients want, offer information and guide them to the resolution they are looking for. Our attorneys will also review and negotiate prenuptial agreements which a prospective client may have received from his or her spouse-to-be. As with any contract, it is essential to enter it fully advised. It is best, therefore, not to delay in crafting or reviewing any pre-nuptial agreement.

Our attorneys are ready to help open communication between parties and plan ahead. Contact us if you are considering a pre-nuptial agreement.